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Hello, in this blog you can find a collection of articles where I write about making chrome extensions. In my 5 years of working in this field I have learned a lot about coding, testing, publishing and maintaining browser plugins. I hope you can find an answer to a question that has been bugging you, or learn something useful. Thank you for visiting :)

How to Make a Chrome Extension - The Ultimate Guide

This is the ultimate guide to chrome extension development. I describe all the best practices learned and tested over several years, and teach you how to create a secure, robust and maintainable chrome extension.

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How to add an Attachment to a Gmail Message with a Chrome Extension

If you are building a chrome extension for Gmail and want to add a feature that automatically adds an attachment to emails - in this blog post I show how to do that.

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How to Install a Chrome Extension in Developer Mode

This article is for people not familiar with chrome extension development. If you are testing a chrome extension, or want to install a non-published plugin - in this post I show how.

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Pomodoro Chrome Extension

This article is dedicated to the the Pomodoro Chrome Extension. I describe what it does, how I developed it and what I learned in the process. It took a lot of time since I was very distracted... Because I did not have this extension yet :)

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7 Reasons To Use Iframes in Chrome Extensions

In my experience, iframes are a very powerful tool in chrome extension development. When used wisely, they can save a lot of time and effort, make the extnesion secure and reliable. I strongly recommed it over solutions like Shadow DOM or custom elements.

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