Do This To Reduce Your Chrome Extensions Uninstalls

Do this to reduce Chrome extensions uninstall!



Do this to reduce chrome extensions uninstalls.

You have a web site and your users have an option to log in with a username/ password combination?

You have the same authentication option in your companion browser plugin?

A lot of users rely on chrome’s password-saving feature to store their credentials for them.

If your add-on’s authentication page is served from a chrome-extension:// protocol - those users will not be able to log in - Google browser’s built in password storing feature does not work on pages served from a chrome-extension:// package.

Do this instead:

Put an iframe element inside your chrome extension’s html with it’s src attribute pointing to a page on your origin.

Google chrome stores passwords for all subdomains of a top level domain.

So if your web app is served from - you can store your chrome extensions assets on a separate hosting server, on a separate subdomain like .

That will keep the extension code isolated from your app, while still utilizing chrome browser’s password manager.