eversign: eSign in Gmail, Drive & Google Docs

eversign for Chrome allows you to place legally binding signatures on any document in Gmail, Google Drive, Google Docs, and sign documents right from your Chrome Browsers.

You can view this extension in Chrome Web Store here: eversign: eSign in Gmail, Drive & Google Docs

About eversign

eversign is a web app that allows people to sign documents online. That is their main feature. They also provide Legal Validity and Compliance, Document Editor and Document Templates. They provide seamless integrations with Dropbox, Evernote, and many other apps, inluding Google Chrome - that is the one I helped develop :)

The problem

People who are active users of Gmail, Google Docs and Google Drive, or just sign a lot of documents online as a part of their daily grind struggle a lot. They have to download a file, upload it to eversign web app, download the signed file, and then upload it to Gmail and send. Those menial tasks are very anoying and take a lot of time which was very frustrating to eversign users.

The solution

That problem could be solved with a chrome extension. I developed a plugin that works directly in Gmail, Google Drive, Google Docs and in opened PDFs. When you activate the extension - it opens eversign app in the same window and automatically uploads the current file for signing. If the file was opened in Gmail - the add-on automatically attaches that file to the message.

Adding attachments to Gmail messages

What was interesting and unique about developing this chrome extension - is injecting a file as an attachment to Gmail letters. A lot of other Gmail chrome extensions fail to do this. I describe the technical implementation of that feature in this blog post: How to add an Attachment to a Gmail Message with a Chrome Extension.


I liked working on this project a lot. I learned the beauty of unique and interesting solutions. I also learned how to automatically attach files with chrome extensions - which can be applied to multiple other projects in future :)