How to Make Google Meet Full Screen?

Sometimes when a person is sharing a screen during a google meet call I want to see it in full screen. But they don't provide an option to do that. That is why we created this custom chrome extension tool that solves that problem.

Step 1: Install the Chromane chrome extension

Chromane is a chrome extension that I have created. You can install it by clicking the green button below. It is a container for custom tools like the "Video Streams" tool which will allow you to view google meet video streams in full screen.


Step 2: Activate the installed plugin

The extension does not require any permissions when you install it. You need to go to your google meet call and activate the plugin by clicking the browser extension icon, as you can see in the video above.

Step 3: Find and open the tool

After clicking the browser action - you should see a popup. Type in "video streams" in the search bar of the popup and click on the result as seen in the video above. The extension will automatically detect all visible video streams on the page and then forward them inside of the popup. From there you can make them full screen or display them in picture-in-picture mode.