Vlas Bashynskyi Chrome Extension Developer

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I help teams and individuals save time by automating repetitive tasks with custom chrome extensions.


Google Sheets
This extension saves 30 minutes every day by automating audience engagement on Instagram.
This extension saves 1 hour every day by automating lead generation and follow-up on LinkedIn.
This extension saves 20 minutes every day by automating video processing and managing email.


“He is one of the most creative, sharp, and reliable developers we've ever worked with. I appreciate his ability to really understand WHAT you're trying to solve, even if you're talking about how how how. He knows how to figure out the best path forward, and create an awesome end result. I'll continue to refer him to others and work with him as needed on future projects. Great job!!!”
Confidential CEO
Confidential CEO
“Vlas is amazing. Fast, efficient, smart, and a great communicator. All I provided was a simple high level spec and he was off to the races. He delivered a better product than I expected, faster than I expected. I would hire him again in an instant!”
Gregg Spiridellis
CEO & Co-creator at StoryBots
“I worked with Vlas to create a chrome extension to download Amazon reviews. Vlas bought me hours of my time back every single day and he is great to work with. I can't thank him enough.”
Jessica Delgado
Amazon Seller