Vlas Bashynskyi Chrome Extension Developer

My Portfolio of Chrome Extensions

In this portfolio you can find a collection of chrome extension I have developed over the last 5 years. You can also read in detail about each project, what I did and what I learned :)

WeVPN: Fast & Secure VPN Proxy

Defeat censorship, unblock any website and access the open Internet the way it was meant to be with WeVPN®

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eversign: eSign in Gmail, Drive & Google Docs

eversign for Chrome allows you to place legally binding signatures on any document in Gmail, Google Drive, Google Docs, and sign documents right from your Chrome Browsers.

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Robots Exclusion Checker

Robots Exclusion Checker is designed to visually indicate whether any robots exclusions are preventing your page from being crawled or indexed by Search Engines.

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GrowFlare - Find Better Prospects in Seconds

GrowFlare uses AI to recommend prospects most likely to buy from you. Simply visit any website or CRM record, and GrowFlare will tell you the next best prospect most likely to buy from you – all with one click.

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SIFT - Automatic Money Back

Sift will automatically calculate what is the optimal card to use for each purchase so that you get most out of your cards. With SIft you always know what card to use.

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Snowplow Analytics Debugger

Debug your Snowplow Analytics implementation with the Snowplow Analytics Debugger in Developer Tools. If you work with Snowplow a lot, you will find it useful.

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Annotate Meet by Denis Sheeran

Annotate Meet is a simple chrome extension for google meet that allows you to take a screenshot of what you're presenting, and add notes on top of it.

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ShuffleFlix - Netflix Random Episode Button

ShuffleFlix is a simple chrome extension for Netflix that allows you to quickly navigate to a random eposide of a show you're watching.

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Peppermint - Send Gmail Messages Using Voice

Peppermint allows users to send and reply to gmail messages using voice. It also includes automatic transcription.

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Sponge - Free Audiobook Finder for Audible

Simply install the Sponge chrome extension and it will automatically populate your audible search results with free versions of the audiobook you searched for.

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Amachete - Amazon Research Tool

Automatically searches as you browse through Amazon. See the essentials right by the products, or maximize to see the full range of data.

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This is a simple chrome extension that allows users to use wein-plus.com search quickly anywhere on the web.

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Pomodoro Chrome Extension

This simple plugin is based on The Pomodoro Technique, which is is a popular time management method. Pomodoro Chrome Extension gives you a simple user-friendly timer interface to utilize the pomodoro method.

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Make Trump Tweets Eight Again

This browser extension converts Donald Trump's tweets into the crayon scribbles of a child.

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Techloq - Report Inappropriate Images on The Web

This extension allows users of Techloq Parental Control Software to easily login/logout of their personal Techloq filter profile and report any problems with images.

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